Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Property Valuation - Cost

Property Valuation - Cost

Our agency estimates with responsibility the value of your property. We offer this service regardless of whether your property is for sale or not. This service is useful in case of distributions, proposals to bank estimators, etc.

Property valuation is conducted with a scientific method and is supported by objective criteria, such as statistical data from the market, where the plot is situated (urban planning, drawings, settlements, areas not included in the urban planning), distance from large urban centres, from tourist areas and from the sea, the view and quality of the soil. The buildings have additional criteria of use, construction period, floor, and construction quality.

The cost refers to buildings, which are under construction, regarding the material and additional areas. It can also refer to cost of soil improvement of plots, to fence, or design studies.

Random property entries

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Price:  € 85.000
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Price:  € 60.000
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Price:  € 97.000
Plot in Maleme

Price:  € 53.000
2-level house in ...

Price:  € 276.000

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