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Resolution of property and urban problems

Resolution of property and urban problems

Greece is a considered a developed country but one with the most complex and disarray structure regarding urban planning and property issues.

For many years, all the European countries use their National Cadastres as the basis of their development. In Greece the National Cadastre started in 1998 and from then on the biggest percentage of land has not been mapped yet. At the same time the areas which are included in the Cadastre appear to have a lot of problems.

The town expansion plans, an organizational swamp, usually tend to accept town planning after it has already been formed. Spatial planning usually delays due to lack of determination and unfair reactions by various organizations. Thousands of householders feel helpless due to the postponements regarding the preparation of implementation acts. The structure in settlements outside the officially set urban perimeters, has been limited due to legal voids and accusations among householders while at the same time urban sprawl is continuously limiting.

The result from the above mentioned situation is the urban sprawl, which despite the extensive fines constitutes our national sport, along with the environmental degradation and forest fires started by acts of arsons.

The private property ownership problems constitute the second big thorn for Greece regarding the real estate sector.

Generalities in deeds, in contracts and in diagrams drawn during the 60s and the 70s, tend to cost a lot of money and are time-consuming regarding their correction and a lot of times they even lead to a dead end.

The joint ownerships of properties in areas found in the town expansion plan, has every property owner being dependent by his/her neighbours.

The lack of determination by the ministries in the past and nowadays regarding legislative regulations, limits the possibilities of settling irregular situations. Furthermore if one does not have the knowledge on how to deal with these situations, they usually perpetuate.

Our agency KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE does not use a magic wand to solve all the problems. However it has the patience, persistence and legal knowledge to solve one by one all the difficult cases and manage any problematic property.

Summarizing, the exploitation of your property depends entirely on the legal and urban planning arrangements. Our agency can help you in both of these fields and in most cases multiply the value of your property.

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