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Tourist attractions

Areas of outstanding natural beauty

Old Town - Chania The city of Chania is a jewel for the island of Crete, and it is only fair to be considered one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities. The historical Venetian port of Chania bears the best possible impressions from its visitors, local and foreigners. The port also houses the Venetian Lighthouse, a landmark for the city of Chania, and the fortress of Firka, where the Greek flag was raised on the 1st of December 1913 announcing the union of Crete with Greece. The municipal market of Chania constructed in the beginning of the previous century, is one more city jewel, with grate architecture. The municipal market has a lot of shop, mainly with food products.

Agia Roumeli With exceptional natural landscape, the gorge of Samaria is considered to be the biggest in Europe, with length almost 16km and width from 4,5 up to 500m. It begins from the historical plateau of Omalo and leads to Agia Roumeli, a picturesque settlement next to Libyan sea. Thousands of people pass through the gorge every year, mainly during the summer months and enjoy an environment of rare natural beauty.

Mpalos The visitor can find exotic places for a swim in Falasarna and Mpalo, on the west part of Crete, at the Gramvousa peninsula. They have been chosen as the most beautiful beaches of Greece.

ElafonisiOn the south part of Crete one can find a small islet with a beach full of cedars. It has aquamarine waters and golden sand.

PaleochoraOn the south part of the prefecture, you can visit a lot of beautiful beaches near the picturesque villages of Palaiochora and Kountoura. Their main characteristics are their deep and clean waters of the Libyan sea.

SfakiaHistorical place on the south-east of Chania. It was never subjugated by the Turks. These two beautiful and picturesque settlements have thousands of tourists visiting every year.

FragkocastelloOne of the most famous places is the Fragkocastello for its historical castle and its beautiful extensive beaches. The legend says that every May, the Greek warriors against Turks of the 19th century, name Drosoulites, come out of the fortress in the evening.

Akrotiri - ChaniaThe historical peninsula of Akrotiri is on the north-east part of the city of Chania, it has a circular shape and also a lot of clean coasts. The region is also under spatial development. The gulf of Souda, south of Akrotiri, creates the biggest natural harbour of the Mediterranean, with tourist and commercial activity.

OmalosSouth-west of the city of Chania there is the historical village of Therisos, on the foot of the White Mountains, which is known for the revolution with leader El. Venizelos. Also the historical highland of Omalo (1080m.) was the center of the rebellions against the Turks. The White mountain (2452m) is the backbone of the prefecture.

GeorgioupoliThe eastern province of the prefecture of Chania. It has large beaches at Kalyves, Almyrida and Georgioupoli, which are fertile and have running waters and picturesque villages with sea view from the foot of the White Mountains. The last few years it has been occupied by thousands of new settlers from all around Europe.

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