Thursday, June 20, 2024
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About KRITAMOS real estate agency

Welcome to the KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE agency website, based in Chania.

Κritamos Estate

The KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE agency, is the evolution and the extension of services offered by our 25 year experienced technical office. Our agency has processed and completed a large number of technical, property, urban planning and techno-economic studies in Chania and Crete in general for 25 years.

Today our agency offers services from specialized scientific collaborators and assistants, and guarantees for the legality of the transactions, and the urban and technical sufficiency of the available properties for sale or rent.

Our agency also conducts topographic surveys and undertakes any kind of problem your real estate faces, such as notarial, urban or cadastral.

Our providing services range from the promotion and management of properties, written scientific estimates, processing transactions involving notaries or banks, consulting services for techo-economic or legal matters and finally to information regarding any geographic issue on the prefecture of Chania or Crete in general.

Nikos Papafilippakis

Random property entries

Plot in Alikianos

Price:  € 75.000
Office building n...

Price:  € 200.000
Parcel in Kastelli

Price: Please contact
Parcel in Perivolia

Price:  € 35.000
Apartment in Aroni

Price:  € 130.000

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