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Chania - Crete

Map of Crete

Tourist attractions

Areas of outstanding natural beauty

Old Town - Chania The city of Chania is a jewel for the island of Crete, and it is only fair to be considered one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities. The historical Venetian port of Chania bears the best possible impressions from its visitors, local and foreigners. The port also houses the Venetian Lighthouse, a landmark for the city of Chania, and the fortress of Firka, where the Greek flag was raised on the 1st of December 1913 announcing the union of Crete with Greece. The municipal market of Chania constructed in the beginning of the previous century, is one more city jewel, with grate architecture. The municipal market has a lot of shop, mainly with food products.

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Climate - vegetation


The prefecture of Chania has a Mediterranean climate with soft and humid winters and warm and dry summers.

The climate near the mountain tops, is more continental with big snowfalls during the Winter.

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Lefka Ori

Geographically, the prefecture of Chania is situated in the southern part of Greece. It is the western part of Crete and borders on the east with the prefecture of Rethimno.

It is considered the most beautiful part of the island and one of the richest parts of Greece in natural beauty.

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Firka Castle - Chania

There are traces of human presence within the prefecture of Chania since the Neolithic age (6000 B.C.). The prefecture developed during the Minoan period (2800 - 1100 B.C.) and particularly during the period 1400 - 1100 B.C., when the residents developed commercial activities.

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