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Category Description
Arrow  Shops Buildings and spaces for commercial or craft-based enterprises.
Arrow  Detached houses

Detached houses

Arrow  Plots

Parts of land inside the urban design or inside the settlement. They are usually buildable plots.

Arrow  Agricultural plots

Parts of land outside the urban design and outside a settlement, buildable or not. They can be characterized as agricultural, forestal or grassland.

Arrow  Large plot

Is characterized any land with a surface of over 20000 square meters.

Arrow  Apartments Independent residence inside blocks of flats. Their area also includes their percentage on the maintenance charges of stairwell.

Arrow  Maisonette

Two-story houses.

Arrow  Buildings

Buildings which are not yet completed.

Arrow  Business

Professional activities for profit. You usually buy the mobile means, the organization and the clientele.

ea_img_20200124_094100_15799440851 Hot Offer!!
 € 650.000
Situated on the old National Road, the plot is an ideal choice for the construction of a hotel unit. The building capacity is 400sqm for a residence and 1100sqm for a hotel.
Category: Plots
Kato Stalos  ♦ Kato Stalos ♦ Chanion ♦ Greece
Living Space : 2000.00 m² |  Property Size : 2005.00 m² | 
ea_img_20200123_143209_15798662823 Hot Offer!!
 € 60.000
The plot is located in Melidoni Apokoronou, about a 30 minute drive from the city of Chania. It boasts magnificent panoramic views, and it is an ideal choice in the direction of...
Category: Plots
Melidoni  ♦ Melidoni ♦ Chanion ♦ Greece
Living Space : 3998.00 m² |  Property Size : 3998.00 m² | 
ea_f1jpg_13382960343 Hot Offer!!
 € 65.000
Plot with wonderful views in the neighborhood 'Dempla' Tavronitis. Large, spacious, builds 180t.m .. Tavronitis is a large village 15 kilometers from Chania node connecting the ...
Category: Plots
Δέμπλα Ταυρωνίτη  ♦ Νέα Κυδωνία ♦ Χανίων ♦ Greece
Living Space : 1100.00 m² | 

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