Buy - Sale – Rent

Buy - Sale – Rent

The KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE agency prior to the process of selling a property (plot or building) or enterprise it looks for any legal problems, urban abeyances or technical imperfections.

The agency can undertake the resolution or regulation of any problem that might appear.

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Property Valuation - Cost

Property Valuation - Cost

Our agency estimates with responsibility the value of your property. We offer this service regardless of whether your property is for sale or not.

This service is useful in case of distributions, proposals to bank estimators, etc.

Resolution of property and urban problems

Resolution of property and urban problems

Greece is a considered a developed country but one with the most complex and disarray structure regarding urban planning and property issues.

For many years, all the European countries use their National Cadastres...

Guidance in urban and technical issues - Techno-economic and legal advice

Guidance in urban and technical issues

Techno-economic and legal advice

Many times in order to solve a problem it is not necessary to use an expert. An advice or an explanation can prove ...


Transactions and Rental Management

Transactions and Rental Management

KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE can undertake all the tasks which are required before drawing up a contract of sale.

The first set of tasks is the preparation of topographic plans, plan views, establishment of joint ownership, etc. and the lawyers....


Thursday, June 20, 2024
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A few words about KRITAMOS estate agency

KRITAMOS real estate

Welcome to the KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE agency website, based in Chania.

The KRITAMOS REAL ESTATE agency, is the evolution and the extension of services offered by our 25 year experienced technical office. Our agency has processed and completed a large number of technical, property, urban planning and techno-economic studies in Chania and Crete in general for 25 years...

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Nikos Papafilippakis

A few words about Chania and Crete

Ενετικός Φάρος - Χανιά

The city of Chania is a jewel for the island of Crete, and it is only fair to be considered one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities.

The historical Venetian port of Chania bears the best possible impressions from its visitors, local and foreigners. The port also houses the Venetian Lighthouse, a landmark for the city of Chania, and the fortress of Firka...

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